Nikolay Shpurik

Mandolin player, Nikolay Shpurik, was born on a “sunny autumn day” in a small science centre town (Academgorodok) near Novosibirsk in Russian Siberia. Starting at the age of seven in the Russian music school, Nicolay studied a Russian folk instrument called the Domra. The domra is a long-necked Russian string instrument of the lute family with a round body and three or four metal strings.The Domra is very similar to the mandolin in shape and playing technique. After graduating from Novosibirsk Music pre-College he continued to refine his skills in the Novosibirsk Conservatory, receiving the highest achievements and certificates in 2000. In 2002, he switched to playing mandolin after realizing his potential on the instrument and the demand for mandolin in his area.
Relocating to Northern California 2003, Nicolay began teaching mandolin and, his second love, tennis to friends and interested parties in the sierra foothills. This resulted in the formation of a Mandolin ensemble of adult students and colleagues coming together to share and enjoy the music of various composers and styles. After playing Italian and Neapolitan folk music, American songs, and ballet music, the group for the last few years, has concentrated on performing Vivaldi’s violin concertos which Nikolay transcribes and arranges for mandolins. Nickolay is a local pioneer and teaches with the patience that shows his love for music and his students.
In addition to leading his mandolin ensemble, Nikolay has performed with many local musicians on folk music of Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East and Europe, throughout northern California and performed solos with the Apollo Orchestra and Auburn Symphony orchestra.