David Thorp

Growing up with fewer Florida sandspurs than mosquito bites piercing his skin, David earned a Master of Music degree in 1978 studying with violist Lillian Fuchs at the Manhattan School of Music, New York City. From 1969 to 1976 he performed in the second violin section of the Florida Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra, Tampa, St. Petersburg.

After attending Kato Havas workshop in Angwin, CA in the early 90’s, David become an advocate for her New Approach to violin playing which utilizes visualization, vocalization, and balances resulting in greater ease and musicality. Kato Havas now teaches privately in the U.K.

He recommends string players to sing in a chorus as singing readily stimulates emotional flow. He sang in the P. K.Yonge Laboratory High School Chorus under Mrs. Lynn Arizzi, and in the First Presbyterian Church Choir under organist Willis Bodine. The musician’s life is a continuing education. David owes an immense debt of gratitude to each of those leaving an individual stamp on his playing at each rehearsal and concert.

David studied Bach’s E major Partita with Otto Frey, a teacher who weekly opening a volumn of Sevcik saying “Grundlage,” the German for “groundwork” and “relax!” then demonstrating on his violin. Both teacher and student bathed in the pleasant odor of violin varnish. David learned the source of the pulse, patting both hands strongly and steadily on the lower abdomen, at the Florida State University Music Camp in 1965 from the violinist and conductor Hugo Fiorato . When keen to study, he practices outdoors for the lack of resonance; though does not discount the enjoyment of playing under a high ceiling. Geoffrey Gilbert, flutist of the London Symphony, Orchestra, taught him to subdivide the conductor’s upbeat.

David has served as principal violist of the American Philharmonic Orchestra of Carnegie Hall and in California of the Auburn Symphony, the North State Symphony, the Stockton Symphony and Veridian Symphony.

David Thorp is a member of the Dolanc String Quartet.

David was a soloist in Teleman’s Concerto in G major for our June 2011 concert.