Dear patrons of live classical music,

Our aim is to enrich Yuba/Sutter through invigorating performances. In order to bring together professional musicians, purchase music, rent venues, and publicize concerts, it takes financial support. Ticket revenue only covers 40% of our costs, so fundraising is essential. We invite you to show your support today, enabling us to grow.

Below you may make a contribution of any amount, or click on the drop down menu to subscribe as an ongoing donor.

This season we are excited to offer something for everyone, but we need your help to do it, so please make a contribution of any amount to keep the live professional classical music flowing in Yuba/Sutter. Thank you for your support!

Yours in dedication to the arts,
Rebekah Hood-Sava for Veridian

Contact us at or 530-713-0991

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